Picking Out Hard To Find E Liquid Flavors

How many different ways can people make an apple flavor? It's a tough question because taste buds and different apple varieties are different, but some artificial flavors and extracts can be wildly off the mark. Ordering e liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes can be like a slow sampling session, but there are ways to track down the flavors you're looking for while avoiding the worst options. Here's a few details on how to navigate the flavor review and taste opinions across the internet and in vape shop sample boxes.

Hunt For Reviews And Discussions

Looking for reviews may seem like a simple task, but it requires someone other than you to take the step. There are a lot of people on the internet, but that doesn't necessarily increase your chances of finding helpful reviews; people need to care about what you're looking for, order a specific product, and be able to communicate themselves effectively.

If you can't find reviews about a specific flavor and you have some time to spare, head to the major meeting areas for vaping. The E-Cigarette Forum has been a strong and helpful community since long before vaping became a mainstream option, and continues through all of the legal challenges, new products, and changing generations of vape enthusiasts.

Reddit is another helpful area, and has grown into a sort of collective niche hive for even the smallest of hobbies, special interests, or pastimes. If it's not on Reddit, it's probably illegal--and even illegal interests manage to carve out a space.

There are many subreddits (forum categories for specif interests) based on vaping that branch out to other communities on and off Reddit, and even some extremely specific subreddits about e liquid or juice. Bringing up a set of flavors you've found, along with the flavors you're looking for, can be an easy task of discussion and experimentation as long as you're polite. You can even become part of the community to dig deeper into parts of vaping that you may not have noticed, allowing you to enhance your experience.

Extracts And Artificial Flavors

Understanding the difference between extracts and artificial flavoring is a vital part of figuring out what kind of flavor you're looking for. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just avoiding the artificial flavors.

Extraction is a mastery of culinary and deeper chemical science. Don't let the word chemical fool you; a lot of people throw around the word when disparaging artificial substances, but everything in existence is a chemical. When dealing with natural extracts that are supposed to be pulled from real fruit, leaves, or other sources, you need to know that the chemical compound changes.

Going back to apples, the changing taste of a fresh apple depends on more than just sugars. Sucrose and fructose are present, but much of the unique taste of an apple comes from a specific concentration of malic acid. Just as cocktails, soups, and medications in pill form are made from a specific ratio, natural plants grow into a specific ratio to create a specific flavor. 

When an apple is pressed, drained, or otherwise turned into an extract, the method matters. Different types of pressings may push a certain concentration of juices out while leaving characteristic flavors behind. Cooking can change the flavor to more of an apple pie, and some flavors may need to be added from other processes.

In the end, it's about knowing both what is put in the liquid and how it's made. Contact an e liquid flavor and gear professional for specific flavor details.