Tactics To Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If you are attempting to quit smoking cigarettes and would like to satisfy your cravings with a substitute that isn't addictive or harmful, the following tactics may help you put down cigarettes for good without feeling overly anxious or jittery.

Glass Water Pipe To Smoke Herbal Blends

Visit a specialty shop that sells smoking materials to purchase a glass water pipe that has your name or an original design etched into its exterior. Purchase an herbal blend that does not contain any harmful or addictive ingredients. Before selecting a blend, ask the shop's clerk if you can sample the scent of each one so that you can purchase a variety that emits a scent that will help you relax or remain focused.

Create a tranquil area on your front porch or patio to use your glass water pipe by adding furniture and a small table to the chosen area. Fill the pipe's reservoir with water and add the blend inside of the chamber that is designed to hold tobacco or non-tobacco products. Lay back on a lounge chair as you smoke the blend and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Since you are used to inhaling and exhaling, due to previously smoking cigarettes, mimicking these same motions with a pipe will help you reduce cigarette cravings. 

Meditation Sessions

If you suddenly feel the urge to smoke, drape an exercise mat or thick towel across a firm surface inside or outside of your home. Record soft music that does not contain any lyrics and that helps you remain calm when you listen to it. If you are not able to locate musical selections that you enjoy, record the sound of a waterfall or small ocean waves rolling over the edges of a shoreline. Play the audio recordings on a portable stereo unit that is designed to be used with headphones.

As you play the recordings, lay back on the mat or towel and close your eyes as you meditate. Envision that you are living a stress-free life and that are in control of your future. A favorite location that you have visited in the past or a spot that you are interested in seeing in the future are two things that you can focus on as you listen to the recordings. 

Strenuous Exercise And Weekly Rewards

If you have been neglecting your health by eating a lot of fatty foods and avoiding exercise, working out may not only help you curb your craving for a cigarette, but it will also help you feel better about yourself and improve your appearance. Jogging, aerobics, or lifting weight are some strenuous activities that will help you lose unwanted pounds and firm up parts of your body.

After exercising each day for a solid week, reward yourself by dining in a favorite restaurant or purchasing an inexpensive item that interests you. Continue exercising weekly and using the reward system to help keep you motivated and cigarette-free.