Three Times To Give Cigars As A Gift

Shopping for a box of cigars for yourself can be a fun experience, as you can learn about different cigar varieties and make a decision about what type you'll best enjoy. While it's fun to shop for yourself, it can also be enjoyable to shop for cigars to give as a gift. Cigars can make ideal gifts for certain special occasions. If you have someone in your life who has a big occasion coming up, spend some time shopping for a box of cigars that you can present to this person at the right time. Here are three specific times to think about giving cigars as a gift.

For The Birth Of A Child

Cigars are a traditional gift to give to parents upon the birth of their child. Even someone who doesn't typically smoke may take advantage of this joyous occasion and have a cigar to celebrate. In some scenarios, the parents may choose not to smoke all of the cigars in the box. Instead, they may hang onto a few of them as a keepsake — just as they might also keep other items from their child's birth, such as their hospital bracelets. Depending on the relationship that you have with the parents, you might think about stopping over with the cigars a few days after the parents get home from the hospital, sitting outdoors, and lighting up together to celebrate the occasion.

For A Retirement

People give all sorts of retirement gifts to co-workers on the day of their retirement. A good gift in this situation can be a box of cigars, particularly if you know that the retiree enjoys smoking regularly or even on occasion. This type of gift can be a good excuse for getting together with a former colleague after their retirement. For example, you can make plans to have a cigar together a few weeks or even months after the person retires, which can help you to stay in touch even when you aren't working together.

For A Housewarming

If you're invited to a housewarming get-together, think about buying a box of cigars to take along. While some other attendees might buy gift cards to home furnishing stores, decorative pieces, and bottles of wine, your gift will really stand out if the new homeowner enjoys cigars. You can either smoke one with them on the night of the party — perhaps on the back deck while talking about the new home — or they might invite you back another day to enjoy a smoke together.

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